It has been a while! And as is usually the case, after such a big break we have a lot to talk about so this one is a long 'un!
Kieran and Mike are joined by EIC of the site, Ben, to discuss the latest releases. Including (but not limited to) Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Fire Emblem Three Houses, Blair Witch, Kill la Kill iF, No Man's Sky VR and much much more!

As they wait out the clock for the release of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Mike and Kieran talk Resident Evil 2, Board games and Gato Roboto!

This week Kieran and Mike are joined by Ben to talk about servicing cars in Car Mechanic Simulator, racing them in F1 2019, dancing in Cadence of Hyrule, returning to Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2 and much much more! 

As is our annual tradition now, Mike and Kieran rattle off their favourite announcements and showings from E3 despite not actually attending. We also discuss some games that we actually did play though like Gal Metal, Trover Saves The Universe and a bunch more!

This week Mike and Kieran return for a much delayed episode to discuss their surprisingly good time with Days Gone and Onrush, the fun 2D GTA adventures of Shakedown Hawaii and the horseback GTA adventures of Red Dead Redemption 2.

All that and a bunch of kickstarter board games!

Mike's away this week and so Paul and Kieran discuss Wrestlemania, books and a LOT of videogames!

Look, we're a little late again this week but don't worry, we made up for it by bringing Ben onto the podcast again! He brings newish releases like Space Engineers, Dawn of Man and Dirt 2.0, Kieran rants about how good Devil May Cry 5 and Baba is You are and Mike continues to sink deep into Horizon Chase Turbo.

This week Mike brings us updated impressions of Horizon Chase Turbo, a tale about how Florence made him cry on a train and first impressions of the Dead or Alive game.

Kieran meanwhile finished the Resident Evil 2 Remake and picked up Trials Rising on Switch!

This week it's all new games all the time. Kingdom Hearts 3, Apex Legends, Tetris 99 we've got them ALL

We're back! We're all in the same room! We're arguing! We're...okay, we're a little late on this one. I hoped to get the videos up alongside the audio this year but it has been taking so long that instead we're going to drop the audio over the next few days!

Join us as we discuss the best and worst of 2018. In this final episode we close things out by discussing what the Prettiest Game of 2018 is and going through our personal top 10 lists (we also briefly discuss an overall top 3 I guess.)

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