We're forgoing regular numbers for a little bit as the podcast takes a little bit of a detour from specifically being about games! This week Mike and Kieran discuss their quarantine lifestyles, what they've been watching and yes, don't worry, what they've been playing too! (spoilers: they've mostly been playing Animal Crossing)

In our third day of deliberations we discuss the Best Story, Best Multiplayer and more!

In Day Two we argue about what company messed up worst this year, the best soundtracks and more!

As always we're a bit late with our GOTY content this year, but here's the first batch of categories! 

As the year is hurtling to and end, the GFG crew are mopping up some of the last games they want to play before Game of the Year. Death Stranding, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Cat Quest 2, Doctor Who: Edge of Time. The crew are checking out all the new stuff this week!

This week Kieran and Mike are joined once again by Ben who tells us about the latest simulation game from Frontier, Planet Zoo, the latest entry in the Grid franchise and Headliner. Also, Mike and Kieran talk about annoying villagers in Untitled Goose Game, piloting giant mechs in Daemon x Machina, Northgard on Switch and mooooooore!

It has been a while! And as is usually the case, after such a big break we have a lot to talk about so this one is a long 'un!
Kieran and Mike are joined by EIC of the site, Ben, to discuss the latest releases. Including (but not limited to) Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Fire Emblem Three Houses, Blair Witch, Kill la Kill iF, No Man's Sky VR and much much more!

As they wait out the clock for the release of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Mike and Kieran talk Resident Evil 2, Board games and Gato Roboto!

This week Kieran and Mike are joined by Ben to talk about servicing cars in Car Mechanic Simulator, racing them in F1 2019, dancing in Cadence of Hyrule, returning to Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2 and much much more! 

As is our annual tradition now, Mike and Kieran rattle off their favourite announcements and showings from E3 despite not actually attending. We also discuss some games that we actually did play though like Gal Metal, Trover Saves The Universe and a bunch more!

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